Why video content works

1. Google is not the only search engine

Businesses are often stuck in the idea that all they need to do to tackle search engine optimization (SEO) is to understand how Google works and create the best written content for search engines. Well, yes, it helps if you understand how to rank higher in Google. Ranking higher in Google is one way of reaching out to your target audience. You Tube is the second biggest search engine used world wide. It definitely makes sense to focus on video content next to written content and add value to your customers needs through different types of contents.

2. It's perfect for social media

Video content is not only great if you want to reach out to people through You Tube. It's a great content format too for social media. Add subtitles to it and it's even better for social media (many people check their social feed while at work and won't be able to turn up the volume).

3. Future investement

Have you ever researched a product or service online? You probably did. Did you find it interesting to find several types of content? Creating content does not only serve your existing customers, but will serve your customers on the long run too. Creating different types of content is a future investment.

'But I don't know how to create it'. You don't need to be an expert to create video content, it doesn't need to be perfect. While creating you will figure out how to improve it. Take it step by step, start with a topic that's easy to tackle. An interview, a short introduction or an explanation about one of your products is a perfect start. For inspiration you can check these video's we've recently created for music producer Idan Altman and educational institute SeeTrue:

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